History of Pomeranian Dogs

Pomeranian Dog History

Pomeranian ORIGIN

Pomeranians are classed as a toy breed because it is the smallest of the German Spitz type dog. They are named for Pomerania, which in a region between Poland and East Germany. The Pomeranian was later brought into Europe. The Pomeranians original ancestors were the Norwegian Elkhound, Samoyed and the Schipperke and the entire Spitz group. The original Pomeranian was a larger dog, developed for use in sheep herding and as sled dogs of Iceland and Lapland. German breeders improved the coat and bred the size down for living in the city. The breed gained popularity in the late 1880’s when Queen Victoria brought a Pomeranian home from Italy.


Famous Pomeranian Owners

Queen Charlotte - Brought the Pomeranian to Europe when she married Prince George III. When he later became King George, Pomeranians became the first dogs to live at Buckingham Palace.

Queen Victoria - The granddaughter of Queen Charlotte, and a dedicated dog fancier. Had so many dogs that her dogs (she had over 15 breeds) had their own special class at dog shows. She imported her first Pomeranian, Marco, from Italy. Victoria loved her Poms so much that as she lay dying, she asked for her favorite Pom, Turi, to be brought to her bedside.

Josephine, Empress of France - Evidence for this is a little tenuous - her dogs may have been Keeshonds.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - had a Pomeranian, Pimperl, to whom he dedicated an aria.

Martin Luther - The great church leader had a Pomeranian named Belferlein, who is mentioned in his written works.

Michelangelo - His Pomeranian watched him paint the Sistine Chapel while perched on a satin pillow.

Sir Isaac Newton - His Pomeranian, Diamond, upset a candle that burned papers, causing his nervous breakdown.

Chopin - Composed the "Valse des Petits Chiens" for his girlfriend's Pomeranian.

Fran Drescher - Chester, the dog made famous on the hit show "The Nanny"

Kate Hudson - Goldie Hawn's daughter. Owns a Pomeranian named Clara Bo.

LeAnne Rimes - Country singer owns two Pomeranians, Joey and Raven.

Cindy Williams - Of Laverne and Shirley fame, owns a Pomeranian, Phoebe. The dog appeared with her in several Jenny Craig commercials.